Yair Emanuel Hanukkah Menorah

The original Hanukkah Menorahs by Yair Emanuel featuring the versatile Travelling menorah and contemporary aluminium Menorahs, suitable for all tastes and ages.

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Showing 1-32 out of 122 items

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Hanukkah Menorah by Yair Emanuel

Yair Emanuel is a world-famous Israeli Judaica artist whose innovative style and breathtakingly beautiful color combinations have brought a new level of dignity and beauty to the performance of Mitzvot and Jewish customs. He blends old and new, presenting traditional motifs in a modern art style with vivid harmonious colors. His hand-painted designs on wood or silk have become classic works of Jewish art.

Ajudaica presents a full selection of Yair Emanuel products. Scroll through and enjoy his colorful Judaica items for Shabbat, Chagim or for everyday use. Here is a display of his magnificent Menorahs – each one is warm and vibrant work that will bring a festive glow to your home. Hand-painted and covered with strong layers of lacquer, they will give years of sturdy wear.

If you are creative, you will appreciate and enjoy the Yair Emanuel accordion Menorah. Open one section on the first day, light the candle, and continue opening on each subsequent day until all eight sections are elongated on display. Choose from a rich Old City Jerusalem design, ablaze with cheerful colors. Or, consider an elegant blue theme background of the accordion design, rich with flowers and birds.

If your children light their own Menorah, present them with this novel Dreidel Menorah –where each candle holder is a charming dreidel shape. For lovers of the outdoors, we recommend the Menorah with a magnificent laser-cut bouquet of flowers in full bloom. Or, choose the Menorah that displays a tree rich with foliage and singing birds sit on the fence. Lovers of Jerusalem will appreciate a Jerusalem Menorah with an intricate design of palm trees and domed roofs.

In the joyful spirit of Chanukah, Yair Emanuel continues to intrigue us. Here is a puzzle – the nine units of the Menorah can be separated or joined. He offers us two options – the cheerful colors of Noah’s ark or the lively colors of Old City Jerusalem.

As a final thrill, Yair Emanuel offers us a compact Menorah box for holding your Menorah when you travel. It will be hard to choose from four boxes – each with its own heart-warming design. After Chanukah, return the Menorah to the box and it will adorn your home, serving as an eloquent reminder of the glorious Chanukah festival.

Although according to Jewish law, it is permitted to use a simple Menorah made from simple tree bark, Jews have always taken pride in using a Menorah that is a work of art. Ajudaica will help you illuminate your Chanukah, Festival of Lights, with a Yair Emanuel Menorah that joyfully celebrates the victory that is Chanukah – the strength of the Jewish spirit.

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