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The Symbol of the Menorah

The Menorah is one of Judaism’s most popular symbols. More than 2,500 years after the Chanukah story took place, Jews everywhere still kindle the lights of the Menorah each night of Chanukah. So, Menorah designs have proven a rich opportunity for Jewish artists to express their creative talents and inspirations and enrich us all with the fruits of their self-expression.

Meet Shraga Landesman

One of Israel’s renowned contemporary artists is Shraga Landesman. He lives and works in Haifa but his art works, sculptures and Judaica items are internationally recognized. His Judaica works reproduce symbols from the ancient world, adorning them with ancient style Hebrew scripts. They express his deep attachment to the People and Land of Israel.

Shraga Landesman Menorahs

Enjoy a stroll through the selection of Shraga Landesman’s Menorahs. If you are looking for themes from nature, you will find them here, depicting the world of plants, animals and birds that were – or still are – an integral part of the scene in Israel.

His royal purple or silver colored Menorah immortalizes the flower of spring – cyclamens. The Landmark Menorah expresses the artist’s yearning for the peaceful life of nature running at its own pace and rhythm. You will find Menorahs with herons, kingfishers and other birds perched on tree branches. Animals are a major Landesman theme. There are sheep, doves, ibex and deer – all delicately etched alongside trees or vegetation.

Landesman works with brass, anodized aluminum and wood, using various processes to produces an antique look that is intriguing and realistic. Notice the variation of styles and shapes. Each Menorah is an individual creation – fruit of the artist’s inspiration and creative activity.

Why a Landesman Menorah?

A Landesman Menorah is an unmistakable work of art that will grace your display shelf year round. It will be appreciated by connoisseurs of fine art who wish to bring to their celebration of the traditions of Chanukah, a Menorah that is contemporary and acceptable in a modern secular society.

If you would like more information on the artist or his works please call our Customer Service. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable. They will be able to help you choose the Menorah that will give you joy and satisfaction, bringing a glow to your Chanukah or that of a dear one.

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