Jewish Pendants by Nano

Contemporary Jewish pendants by Nano Jewelry, imprinting micro designs with modern technology portraying Jewish themes such as quotes from Psalms and Shema prayers.

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Showing 1-32 out of 61 items

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Jewish Pendants by Nano

Recent years has seen an explosion in the popularity of Jewish jewelry. Young and old, men and women from all walks of life, adore wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings and more that display Jewish symbols. These may be the traditional Menorah, Star of David, Aaron's Blessing or Biblical quotes. There are Kabbalistic messages that give jewelry special significance. Whether it is a motif, blessings, prayers or holy words, even people who are unaffiliated with the Jewish religion wear and positively enjoy the experience of wearing Jewish jewelry.

Nano Company, located in Tel Aviv, has found an intriguing niche in the field of jewelry design. Joining with scientists, he has created a spectacular design whereby miniature nano texts are imprinted on pendants. Hardly visible by the naked eye, each pendant comes with a small magnifying glass to examine and enjoy the secret texts. There is a choice of lengths for the chain and each pendant comes in an elegant presentation box.

He offers us an impressive choice of meaningful Jewish texts, imprinted on beautiful pendants that will appeal to the eye as well as the soul. There is a choice of silver, gold plate or gold frames. Texts are imprinted on onyx stone with its magical healing properties or on stunning zirconia stones that come in a choice of delicate feminine colors. There are oval and circular pendants, with or without a frame and finally – a choice of gold pendants for men.

Scroll through the aJudaica selection and enjoy the choice of Jewish texts… the Priestly Benediction, protective Hamsa hand, sacred Shema Yisrael prayer, Psalm 121, Song of Ascents, Ten Commandments and of course the ultimate Jewish symbol, the Star of David, to be found in a choice of designs and in combination with various prayers and motifs.

The perfect gift of appreciation for any woman is the stunning Eishet Chayil pendants with the floral design. She in turn can reciprocate with a Nano pendant for men. A handsome masculine pendant is imprinted with Biblical verse, Psalms, Star of David or prayers.

Whether it is presented to commemorate an occasion, express feelings of love or to display loyalty and identity, a Nano Jewish pendant is always an acceptable gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed every time it is worn.

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