Love Pendants by Nano

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Love Pendants by Nano

The human heart, representing emotion, pleasure and romance, has always held a special place in western literature and culture. Today, it is a popular jewelry symbol. A heart necklace is always a meaningful expression of love and appreciation for someone special.

AJudaica recommends Nano’s magnificent looking unique heart pendants, displaying a tiny heart symbol in the center, surrounded by a large gold heart on which is imprinted the words, “I love you!” no less than 120 times across a surface set in a captivating oval or circular vintage style frame.

How is it done? Nano technology. This is a new fast-growing science that is changing the world, enabling to see and learn about the minutest molecules and atoms that are so infinitesimally small that special microscopes are needed to view them. One nanometer is a billionth of a meter!

Nano Jewelry, an Israeli Tel Aviv based jewelry company is utilizing advanced nano knowledge and technology to produce exquisitely elegant jewelry that is being worn with joy and pride by women all over the world. His heart pendants are one of his most popular items.

Each design is available in a choice of silver, gold or gold plate and comes with a silver chain. The oval design features a heart image on a black onyx stone – a precious gem that protects, induces stability and gives a sense of security and well-being. The heart in the circular frame design also feature a gold heart on which “I love you” written 120 times in 120 languages. It rests on a gleaming Swarovski stone that comes in a choice of colors.

Each necklace comes packed with the pendant in an elegant gift box Nano will send you together with your necklace a small magnifying glass so that you can personally examine and admire the inscribed text on your necklace.

Whichever necklace you choose, you will love this timeless gift of love that says a million words without uttering a single

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