Zodiac Pendants by Nano

Send a personalized gift to your loved one, with meaningful zodiac graphics and text for that special loved one.

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Showing 1-32 out of 48 items

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Microscopic zodiac pendants by Nano

Do you enjoy astrology and the zodiac signs. It's fun to read how total strangers claim to know your future. You can take it seriously or find it entertaining but receiving or presenting a Nano Zodiac Sign Pendant to a friend or loved one is a heartwarming gesture of love and friendship and indicates that you take the relationship seriously.

Background… The twelve symbols for each calendar month, representing strengths and qualities, is of ancient origin. Depending on the month of your birth and its symbol, astrologists claim to foretell the opportunities and obstacles that will face you on that day, month or during the course of your life. Often, Zodiac symbols are used to indicate compatibility and successful relationships.

For Zodiac fans, aJudaica presents the Zodiac collection of the renowned Israeli Nano Jewelry Company located in Tel Aviv. Nano artists have joined with scientists to produce a line of jewelry with minute nano techniques imprinting of picture and text. There is a choice of silver chain lengths. The zodiac necklaces are presented in an exclusive looking gift box together with a key-holder style microscope for you to examine closely and enjoy the tiniest features of the design.

The striking oval design features a choice of zodiac signs imprinted on black onyx stone. Above is the zodiac wheel above and around is a circle featuring the qualities and characteristics associated with the zodiac symbol. It is available in silver, gold plate or a luxurious 14k gold.

Alternatively, you may prefer the circular design. Each one features another zodiac sign with its name imprinted on a gleaming zirconium stone in a silver setting. There is a choice of magnificent colors.

When two people want to get to know each other or read together their horoscopes, it is a common questions to ask “What’s your sign?” Now, you can present a Nano Jewelry zodiac necklace. This magnificent expression of love will talk more than a thousand words and horoscopes!

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