Menorah by Agayof

A Travel Dreidel/Menorah by Israeli artist Agaioff, decorative and useful in a contemporary design.

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Showing 1-16 out of 16 items

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Traveling Hanukkah Menorahs by Agayof

Chanukah, Festival of joy, is always associated with the fun of family get togethers as everyone sits around the eight branch Menorah, reveling in its glowing lights.

If you are looking for striking colors, original design, interesting techniques and sturdy quality, turn to our Avner Agayof collection where you will find all this and more. Master craftsman and artist, working in Jerusalem, he creates exclusive and prestigious works of Judaica that are respected and admired the world-over. He uses anodized aluminum, harmonizing text with striking geometrical shapes. His Menorah selection displays a breadth of originality that is stunning and will be loved by all who appreciate original contemporary design.

For today’s world of mobility, when people are constantly on-the-go, Agayof has designed a collection of compact travelling Menorahs that can be easily packed and assembled, enabling you to celebrate Chanukah in style wherever you may be. Enjoy the wall or combination or puzzle style Menorah. See the Menorahs of interlocking pieces that form a belt style, or a jug. Consider the gorgeous colorful doughnut design or amuse yourself and your guests with a Menorah that is also a dreidel. The Domino compact Menorah is another popular design. So too, the Miracles and Wonders Menorah that gives the impression of lights suspended in space. Many of the Agayof travelling Menorah allow you to make different color combinations each night so you can let your imagination fly. After use, these pack-away Menorah can be packed away neatly in a beautiful presentation box.

In addition to the travelling Menorahs, Agayof presents us with a number of Menorahs that will make magnificent home displays, giving pleasure year-round. Consider the Hourglass Chanukah Menorah imitating the style of his popular Kiddush Cup – cone shapes joined by an hour-glass design in the center – standing together on a pretty tray. Another eye-catching Menorah is the Agayof Arch – a magnificent blue and white upturned arches style with the nine candle holders on top.

The Menorah of Chanukah is a symbol of the strength of the Jewish spirit and the determination of Jews to fight for religious freedom. May your Agayof Menorah create the atmosphere to perpetuate these values.

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