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Agayof Torah Pointers

The Torah Pointer, also known as a “yad” (hand) or “etzba” (finger) in view of its shape, is an important synagogue Judaica item used during the Reading from the holy Sefer Torah scroll. It has come into widespread use in order to protect the costly delicate parchment which is extremely sensitive and can easily be damaged even by the touch of a finger. So, to avoid contact and also as an expression of respect for the sacred nature of the scroll, the Reader holds the Pointer in his hand to point at the text that he is reading. He will also use it to indicate the place of the reading to the one who has been called up for the Reading.

Avner Agayof, established and renowned Israeli Judaica artist, presents us with a striking contemporary Pointer design that honors the Synagogue, the Torah Scroll and the one who is reading from it. Maintaining the classic Pointer style, he reproduces it in a sleek minimalistic design from anodized aluminum. The square shape is highlighted with a metal band at the top, the base and the center. At the tip is the traditional finger shape and at the other end is a chain for easy hanging. It comes in a choice of delightful colors.

A Pointer is a gift filled with meaning. It is especially appropriate for a Bar Mitzvah boy – he will be excited to use his own Pointer for his Bar Mitzvah reading. It is equally meaningful to present it to a Rabbi, Reader or to the Synagogue. It is an indispensable item for any Judaica collection.

An Agayof Pointer will always give pleasure. Like all Agayof’s items, it is made in Israel, produced under his watchful eye from start to finish. It will express your reverence and respect for the holy Torah scroll and will enhance the décor and accessories of the Torah scroll.

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