Candlesticks by Agayof

Ultramodern sleek Candlesticks by Israeli designer Agayof combining traditional and contemporary.

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Showing 1-30 out of 30 items

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Agayof Candlesticks

Visions of Shabbat candlesticks arouse nostalgia… Jewish women lighting candles before dusk on Friday afternoon and with eyes close, in front of the glowing candles, they utter a silent prayer. Candlesticks, a basic item in every Jewish home, represent the bridge dividing working days from the holy Shabbat day of rest.

To make this weekly ceremony a meaningful experience, Aviad Agayof of Jerusalem has designed a series of stunning candlesticks that blend contemporary art with ancient tradition. Expertly cut in precise geometric shapes with original designs in a choice of stunning metallic colors, each one is a visual delight that cannot fail to please.

Consider the eye-catching cone-shaped candlesticks with balls or hour-glass shapes in the center. These come in various sizes and shades. Their sleek modern look will energize and uplift.

For the traveler away from home for Shabbat, Agayof offers small or miniature Shabbat candlesticks. The popular tall cone design is reproduced as a mini hourglass candlestick. The geometric cone design also comes as a stylish small candlestick decorated with a circular disc on which is etched "Shabbat Shalom". There are travelling candlesticks with ingenious shapes – a Star of David or a pretty leaf design with a rich choice of seven colors. If you like the unusual, we recommend the candlestick designed in the shape of a light bulb. Stunning!

An important item of information – all Agayof items are designed and produced in Israel under the watchful eye of Aviad Agayof from start to finish. Each item is a genuine Made in Israel product.

Agayof anodized aluminum candlesticks will enable you to welcome the Shabbat with joy and inspiration. In addition, they are a magnificent decorative item to display in your home throughout the week. May they fill your week with a golden glow!

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