Sculptures by Tzuki

Enjoy our wide range of vibrant Flower Sculptures by Tzuki, celebrating Anemones, Cyclamen and more, for a unique house decoration.

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Showing 1-1 out of 1 items

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Shai Peled, known to the world simply as Tzuki, is a secular Jew who seeks to use his prodigious artistic gifts to give a new look to traditional Jewish symbols so that they should be attractive to all Jews everywhere. Tzukiís art works infuse religious tradition with a sense of fun, a warm ďLetís do it!Ē appeal. His vivacious use of color and figures have made him popular all over the world.


Venturing into the field of botany Tzuki, as always with a smile, invites you to enjoy is bouquets of flowers. Tzukiís vases do not need water. No falling petals. No need to tend the buds. Enjoy a Tzuki display of magnificent color and lifelike imagery. You will find in the collection anemones, senecios, cyclamens, tulips and sabras and for that special occasion, there is a hand painted flower bowl Ė a stunning table decoration.


Tzuki brings us Home Blessings in a dramatic pop-style, perfect for decorating the walls of contemporary style homes. Family figures surround a richly-foliaged tree, symbolizing the perpetuating wealth of meaningful family ties. Grandparentsí images focus on the role of communication between the generations. Blessings are written at the base Ė available in Hebrew or English.


A splendid gift for anyone you wish to honor is Tzukiís hand painted sculpture of Israel. In bright vivid colors, he has captured the panorama of Israel and the diversity that makes it home for so many. This magnificent wall gathering will keep Israel close to anyoneís heart.


In an outburst of artistic energy, Tzukiís artistic talents flow, bringing us a new look at traditional Jewish symbols. Seen with his eyes, pop art entertains, beautifies and also gives us a new look at life.

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