Mezuzah by Tzuki

Mezuzah Cases made in Israel by Tzuki for your home, Angel Mezuzah Case for your little angel! Wacky, unconventional, decorative Mezuzah.


Looking for Judaica that is different? Enjoy Shai Peled. Working under the name of Tzuki Art, he has brought to traditional Judaica an unconventional approach and a new contemporary style. He left a career in interior designing and joined the world of creative Judaica. He has never looked back. "Judaica is for everyone!" he claims as he works to create religious articles that are endearing and attractive and will take a place of honor in contemporary style homes.


Tzuki brings a new look to the classic Mezuzah case. The Mezuzah is the parchment on which verses from the Shema prayer are ritually written by a pious scribe. It is then rolled and placed inside an attractive Mezuzah case. An aesthetic visually attractive Mezuzah case is a reminder of G-dís protection and a beautiful way to welcome your family and guests.


Feel a whiff of spring with these Mezuzah cases from Tzuki. The contemporary style and striking design will change your approach to traditional Judaica. Skillfully laser-cut, Tzuki has transformed an aluminum Mezuzah case into a glorious spring day. Carefully crafted in the aluminum are colorful flowers, dainty butterflies and a chirping bird. The floral design comes to life with the addition of a Heavenly girl, tending the flowers at the summit and at the base.

This mezuzah is especially impressive because of its two large size option. Choose any one of the fresh spring colors. Since each piece is individually hand-painted, no two are exactly alike. Color variations can occur even within a color category.

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