Hamsa by Tzuki

An innovative rendition of the traditional Hamsa, these unconventional Hamsa Sculptures by Tzuki come in Flower or Jerusalem designs.

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Tzuki Studio Hamsa / Chamsa


Hamsas are serious business. This ancient amulet - the five-finger hand with an open palm, is reputed to bring protection and ward off the Evil Eye. Today, with the growing interest in Kabbalah and mysticism, Hamsa home decorations have become a popular gift. Everyones wants to decorate their homes with Hamsa. You will find Hamsas made from many materials. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be placed anywhere in the home or place of work.


Tzuki brings a new refreshing view to the traditional Hamsa. He decorates them with lively colors and adds dramatic floral themes. His whimsical flowers are tended by a pretty young maiden adding interest to the display. Other Hamsas display contrasting scenes of Jerusalem – the ancient alongside modern buildings. At the base are fish, impervious to the Evil Eye. In his collection, you will find Hamsas with heart, Hamsas with a dove and a Hamsa adorned with a decorative musical note.


Tzuki's Hamsas are fun. They bring a vibrant message of life, encouraging everyone to make the most of every moment. Tzuki tells us, "Take the Hamsa seriously but allow me to bring an element of humor into my decorations. Let them bring flavor and variety to the home and also a smile." Whether it stands on a table or is hung on the wall, a Tzuki Art Hamsa will inject a sense of good will in addition to serving as a symbol of protection for your home and office.

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