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Mystic and meaningful Kabbalah Rings by HaAri Kabbalah Jewelry for a unique gift.

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Showing 1-32 out of 49 items

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Kabbalah Rings by Ha'Ari

They're not only beautiful, these Kabbalah Rings by HaAri are meaningful and auspicious for various blessings and protection, such as warding off the Evil Eye, promoting prosperity and success, bounty and many more blessings. The Song of Songs crossover silver ring is set with five rubies and with a phrase from the Song of Songs. The Twelve tribes rotating ring has a center which can be turned, set with stones representing the tribes, each with a different color. the five metal amethyst ring has the prayer for healing and is said to be imbued with power from the five metals it contains. The absolute favorite among the rings is the Seven Blessings spinner ring made of silver and gold with seven separate rotating bands which are engraved with the blessings recited at a Jewish wedding ceremony under the Huppah.

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