Red Pewter Mezuzah With Shin

By Sty-IL
Red Pewter Mezuzah With Shin

Red Pewter Mezuzah With Shin

By Sty-IL
$36.24 - $37.75

Product Description

If you like designs that are uncluttered, you will appreciate the classical beauty of this striking red pewter Mezuzah case. Only a single letter “shin” adorns the case, a reminder of the holiness of the Mezuzah.

This Mezuzah is made in Israel and comes with a ten year warranty. We provide double sided tape for easy attachment to the doorpost. Or, use nails in the holes at the top and bottom of this Mezuzah case. .

Note: the size given here refers to the size of the Mezuzah scroll appropriate for this case. The case itself is usually 1” larger.


Type: Mezuzah case
Materials: Pewter
Weather resistant
10 year warranty
Made in Israel

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