Round Pewter Blessing Mezuzah

By Sty-IL
Round Pewter Blessing Mezuzah

Round Pewter Blessing Mezuzah

By Sty-IL
12 cm / 5"

Product Description

Here is a charming pewter Mezuzah case adorned with the traditional “shin” letter in the center. Along the sides of the Mezuzah are written the moving blessings with which Moses blessed the Jewish nation before his passing. “Blessed are you when you enter. Blessed are you when you depart”. At the base of the Mezuzah are wheat, grape and pomegranates – part of the rich blessings of the Land of Israel.

Attach to the doorpost by using the double sided tape provided. Alternatively, you can use nails in the holes at the top and bottom. This Mezuzah case is made in Israel and comes with a ten year warranty.

Note: the size given here refers to the size of the Mezuzah scroll appropriate for this case. The case itself is usually 1” larger.


SKU: SG-12561
Size: 12 cm / 5"
Made in Israel
Material: Pewter

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