Circle 12 Tribes Keychain

By Sty-IL
Circle 12 Tribes Keychain

Circle 12 Tribes Keychain

By Sty-IL
4.2cm / 1.7"

Product Description

Made in Israel, this beautiful Hoshen key ring has the twelve tribes stones in matching colors, and around the edge, an engraving of the ancient stones names.
On the bach there's a rounded engraving of the twelve tribes name in hebrew, and in the middle is the hebrew blessing:
Baruch atah bevo’echa, baruch atah betzaisecha – Blessed are you in your coming, blessed are you in your departure.” (Devarim, 28:6)
Antique pewter plated design.


Size: 4.2cm / 1.7"
Type: Key ring
Material: Pewter plated aluminium alloy zamac
Made in Israel

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