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Our home is the place we love to be. For the wandering Jew, the home is his nest, shelter, and roots – a source of strength and inspiration. So, in a Jewish home, it is important that the décor and decorations reflect our Jewish identity and serve as a reminder of our values. Injecting a touch of spirituality into the décor will keep you and all who live in your home, attached to Judaism’s hallowed traditions.

Judaica artists have explored this field and produced magnificent decorations that beautify the home and keep alive traditions of the past. Many of these cherished Judaica items are an expression of hiddur mitzvah, beautifying ritual items as an expression of respect for the holy mitzvoth.


Benny Dabbach, a fifth generation Judaica artist, is making an impressive addition to this field. His family hail from Egypt and settled in Jerusalem as part of the “ingathering of the exiles.” Excelling in silver craftsmanship, Benny ventured into the field of anodized aluminum. His products are in a class of their own – exclusive quality that make prestigious gifts.

You will find in our Dabbach collection a series of magnificent Menorahs, featuring impressively arched branches with etched words from the Chanukah prayer. His wash cups are a splendid home adornment - double handles with a broad bracelet style at the base embracing words from the blessing. You will be proud to display his magnificent charity boxes, a reminder that a Jew always thinks about those beyond the threshold of his home. Finally, there is an entertaining Menorah – metal colorful cubes that lock together like a puzzle to form the traditional Menorah shape.


Dabah combines precious Jewish tradition with a stunning contemporary design. Whichever item you choose, it will bring atmosphere into your home, reinforcing the old Jewish saying that “every man is a king in his home!”

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