The art of glass making goes back thousands of years. Initially, a luxury item that only the rich could afford, it took many centuries until the techniques were perfected and glass products became easily available to all. Today, glass-making is a modern, hi-tech industry with plants producing millions of glass products a day for a wide range of industries.

The use of glass for industry and technology has given rise to a growing appreciation for the beauty of hand-crafted glass decorative items. The individual attention given to each glass item – no mass production – is a welcome addition to many homes where the focus is on personal growth and the beauty and inner light of each member of the family.

Artists Maya Kedar and Shiri Friedmann are both passionately in love with glass and its potential to add beauty and a spiritual dimension to people’s lives. They have joined together and combined their names to form a studio and workshop they have called Friekmanndar.

They recycle glass that has been thrown into the sea – glass bottles tossed into the water as useless litter are transformed into magnificent works of art. In their gifted hands, space and light acquire new relevance. The glass pieces are skillfully soldered together, giving them a new purpose in existence. Their work is an inspiration for themselves and for all who appreciate the beauty of hand-produced glass.

You will find in the collection delightful Mezuzah cases in a great selection of colors, There are ingeniously designed Hamsas with Home Blessings in Hebrew and English. There are delightful glass mosaics, decorated with Psalms of prayers and blessings. You will also find a grand selection of Chanukah Menorahs and Shabbat candle holders.

AJudaica takes pride to bring to its family of customers the high quality art work of these two young Israeli women. Their works of art have a timeless beauty that will add visual interest to your home or place of work.

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