H&B Dead Sea Spa

H&B Dead Sea Spa

Health and Beauty, popularly known as H&B, is a cosmetic company based in Israel dedicated to give every woman the opportunity to purchase at affordable prices a variety of skin products that will enhance her personal health and beauty. To achieve this goal, they have formulated a wide range of products that incorporate the wonderful mud, salts and minerals of the Dead Sea. These are blended with essential oils and fruit and plant extracts, creating a perfect skin product. Standing by its commitment to quality, H&B has acquired a stellar reputation and aJudaica takes pride in presenting them to its customers.

If you are looking to enjoy a spa experience in the privacy and comfort of your home, the dermatology experts at H&B recommend adding Dead Sea Bath Salts to your tub. Take an extra few minutes to soak in the water. The mineral rich salts will penetrate your skin, cleansing and moisturizing, improving blood circulation and alleviating skin ailments. If your body is tired from a stress-filled day, sinking into a bath with salts will relax muscles, clear your mind and prepare you for a restful night’s sleep.

H&B offer a choice of bath salts. Each is delicately colored with its own health giving properties: rose-scent pink for that overall wholesome feeling, white magnesium to fight stress, sweet floral jasmine for relaxation and blue lavender as a pick-me-up. Tip: use the colorful salts as delightful bathroom decorations.

If your muscles and joints are aching and you feel tired after a hard day’s work, it’s time to look after yourself. Pamper your body with Dead Sea Natural Mud bath. Mud from the Dead Sea is known for its remarkable health-giving properties, deep cleansing and relaxing the skin and imparting a wonderful feeling of wholesomeness. Simply slaver the mud, full of minerals and nutrients, on your body (not the face) and leave for up to 20 minutes. A good bath or shower will rinse off the mud and leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Give a special treatment to your tired feet that have been carrying you all day. H&B Mud Foot Cream enriched with natural oils, fruit essences and other valuable nutrients will soak into your feet nourishing, strengthening giving them the inner health and strength.

Also part of the H&B spa line is their black mud Hand Cream. Rich with valuable vitamins and oils, this quality cream will have immediate results. Apply regularly throughout the day. Keep a tube on your desk or in your bag. Use, feel the difference and you will present it to others too.

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