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Hair care has come a long way since the ancients used dead lizards boiled in olive oil to condition their hair or only a hundred years ago when New Yorkers were advised to shampoo their hair once every four to six weeks.

Today, the importance of regular and frequent hair applications is understood. H&B, one of Israelís leading dermatology companies with an excellent reputation, offers a variety of hair products that have been especially formulated to heal, nourish and enrich the scalp and the hair roots, enabling the growth of soft healthy hair.

In todayís world, hair needs special care. It is vulnerable to the effects of the environment Ė wind, sun, pollution, dust. Hair is dried out and roots are damaged from coloring, straightening and drying treatments. The hair becomes unmanageable and unattractive.

We warmly recommend the H&B treatment shampoo. Enriched with buckthorn oil and a host of other minerals, vitamins and natural products, it has been especially formulated for hair that has become dry and brittle and has split ends.

The shampoo is most effective when used in conjunction with H&Bís Hair Mask. Choose from Moroccan Oil, Mud, Olive Oil and Honey, Aloe Vera or Pomegranate. Each one is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Gently massage into the scalp and let it nourish and revitalize hair roots. Use regularly and see and feel the difference.

For that final touch, use the H&B No-Rinse Silicone Moisture Cream. It will give your hair day-long protection.

For a deep penetration hair treatment, we recommend H&Bís hair serum. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the serum wraps around each hair follicle imparting its special qualities. Available in three delightful fragrances, it restores health and beauty to the hair roots.

The old adage says that ďA womanís hair is her crowning glory!Ē Using H&Bís hair products will help keep it that way.

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