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When table runners were first created a few hundred years ago, they were used to protect valuable tablecloths from sloppy messy eaters. At the end of the meal, the runners were collected for laundering and the cloths remained on the table intact and clean. Today, table manners have improved and runners are used for different reasons.

If you have not used runners before, start now with a beautiful hand-painted table runner from Kakadu. Its unique design and flamboyant colors will add style and drama to your dining area. It will do much more than protect the sensitive wood. The Runners’ lively themes create a visual balance and are an exciting backdrop for place settings. Bring Kakadu runners to your dining area and use them as a decorative element to your table and for the entire room.

Many of the Kakadu runner designs and themes are repeats of beloved placemats and cutting boards. So, you can start to build and enjoy using a Kakadu collection. Aharon and Reut Shahar, founders of Kakadu, take pride in producing goods of the highest quality and durability. You will still be enjoying their products in another ten years and more.

They make beautiful gifts, suitable for any occasion. A Kakadu table runner is prestigious, fashionable, functional and attractive. They are guaranteed to put everyone in a good mood. And remember – they are made in Israel from start to finish!

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