Hamsa & Wall Hangings by Iris Design

Send these unique Hamsas crafted by Iris Design to that special person. Contemporary designs such as Pink Wall Hamsa, Ballerina Hamsa in vivid enamel colors!

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Showing 1-32 out of 32 items

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Hamsa by Iris


Wall decorations do more than fill space. They make a statement about the home and the people living there. They reveal taste in fashion and style. They also bring atmosphere to the room, corner or hallway – wherever they stand.


Iris of Iris Design is Israeli – and proud of it. She is in love with her country and feels passionately attached to its multi-racial culture, the dynamic flow of its society and the wealth of colorful ethnic designs and styles that each nationality brings to its society. She expresses this in the lively colors and positive designs of her wall decorations. Each item, made in Israel from start to finish, is individually crafted and hand-painted with immaculate attention to detail and finish.


Iris offers a wide selection of Hamsas and wall hangings - a huge choice of colors and styles with something for every taste. Many of the richly elaborate themes are in a swirling Oriental-style. You will find a wide variety of Hamsas, the traditional Hand motif of protection, reputed to shield the home from the Evil Eye. Some have an added symbol or word of blessing in the center. Others combine with an ornate Home Blessing – in Hebrew and English. There are Hamsas with texts suitable for presentation as gifts for a newborn. There is a choice of bejeweled doves and lovebirds, each one elaborately hand-painted and decorated with beads, crystal stones and words of blessing.


An Iris Design wall decoration brings us a cheerful message of the beauty of joy and light. Her lively dynamic colors flow and blend like a multi-colored carpet. Her intricate and original designs with Judaica themes are a visual delight bringing beauty and interest to the home. They make thoughtful and much-appreciated gifts for any season and any occasion.

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