Belt Buckles & Belts by Iris Design


If you are looking for trendy jewelry and fashion accessories that are dynamic and original and authentically Israeli, then it is time to examine the Collection of Iris Braunstein-Shemesh, marketing under the name of Iris Design.

Although she lives in a small Moshav in central Israel, Iris feels very much part of the exciting mingling of cultures and traditions that are part of the Israeli scene. She translates into her products the harmony of colors and variety of lifestyles that are an integral feature of modern-day Israel. She expresses this in the dramatic colors and lively designs of her necklaces, earrings, bracelets and leather belts. Using silk papers, resin, and fabrics, she produces exquisite jewelry that is gaining her popularity world-over. Each item is made in her studio under her personal supervision from start to finish.


Interest in bangles? You will love the Iris dynamic color combinations that are sure to set off any outfit. Design themes range from delicate roses, beaded lace, and butterflies to meaningful Judaic motifs that include Kabbalah letter combinations, Star of David, Hamsa or a tribute to an Eishet Chayil. Kabbalah fans will adore her multi-wrap bracelets featuring Kabbalah prayers and symbols.

If you choose an Iris pendant, you will enjoy a beautiful piece of jewelry with touching Jewish themes. Blue is clearly one of Iris's favorite colors. In her gifted hands, it becomes a spectacular celebration of the joy of life. Earrings and rings are exciting variations of color depicting birds and flowers and more. Together with this, scroll through her selection of stunning fashion belts. The enamel buckles are works of art, featuring the familiar Iris themes.


Iris lives and dreams jewelry. Scroll through the collection to find an item that will be a perfect gift for yourself or a dear one.

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