Temple Menorah

The seven branch menorah, or candelabrum, is one of the oldest symbols of Judaism. It is written that God himself revealed the design for the menorah to Moses. This seven branch menorah stood in the Tabernacle, and subsequently in the Holy Temples.

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Seven Branch Temple Menorah

These stunning items are made of metal, and represent one of the oldest Jewish symbols, the seven branch Menorah which appeared in both First and Second Temples, or Beit Hamikdash. Only the Kohein was allowed to clean, prepare and light the Menorah as one of his sacred duties. There is much symbolism in the Menorah, one of them being that the mission of the Jewish people is to be a light unto the nations (Isaiah 42:6). In order to dispell darkness, one must use light, and spread enlightenment, knowledge and spirituality, thereby dispelling the dark forces of ignorance, prejudice and hate. The Kohein Gadol would light the Menorah on Yom Kippur as part of the most holy services on that day, as recited in the Yom Kippur prayer services. It is unclear what was the fate of the Menorah when the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans, some say it was taken to Rome, others pose that it remained in Israel.

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