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Various Items for Shabbat

Shabbat is the highlight of the week – a day to relax and spend quality-time with family in a non-pressured atmosphere, a day to inject spiritual content into our lives through prayer, study and regeneration of inner potential.

At Ajudaica, we seek to make your Shabbat an uplifting and inspiring experience so that you savor its taste for six days until the following Shabbat. Our categories are packed with items that enhance this holy day, from the moment it is ushered in as we light the candles until we bid it farewell with the recitation of the Havdalah prayer. Here, we offer a selection of “extras” – additional items that will bring charm and grace to this very special day of the week.

Children can become familiar with various aspects of Shabbat motifs and symbols with a selection of pages of pretty stickers. Keep them around the house. They are excellent for use in schools or kindergartens. Kids love them and they keep them aware of their distinct Jewish identity.

We recommend that you use one of our cushioned covers to envelop the food on your hot plate. They come in a choice of colors and designs. You will receive the compliments you deserve for delicious piping hot Shabbat food. Use one of our attractive decorated trivets to bring the pot to the table.

You can lay your candlesticks on a stunning Shabbat Shalom tray from Dorit Judaica and kindle the lights with her attractive lighter. After kindling the lights of Shabbat, there is a beautiful custom to recite a special prayer asking G-d to extend Divine protection and blessing to the family – near and far. We offer this as a framed decoration to stand next to the tray with the lights. Dorit Judaica has immortalized the prayer in a magnificent canvas wall decoration.

Many have the custom before the meal to recite the magnificent Woman of Valor ode written by King Solomon praising the many virtues of the Jewish woman and her contribution to the stability of the home. Dorit has immortalized this in a striking wall decoration bringing character and spirit to your home.

We offer a choice of hand towels to dry hands for the ritual washing after Kiddush. For super elegance why not add a towel to each person’s place setting. Or, alternatively have a selection standing next to the sink.

Add a touch of humor to your Shabbat meal with a selection of bottle holders and stoppers. They make delightful gifts. For the parting of Shabbat, we suggest a Hamsa Travelers Blessing filled with fragrant spices.

“Shavuah Tov!” Enjoy a joyous week filled with happy tidings and fruitful activities.

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