Shabbat Candles

Adorn your Shabbat table with the most beautiful candles, in a variety of sizes and colors, including handmade Safed candles.

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Showing 1-32 out of 36 items

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Candles for Shabbat

A diverse category of candles for Shabbat, from the standard ones in various sizes to the lovely Safed hand made candles, in blue-white or plain white to enhance your Shabbat table. As a perfect addition to your hostess bag, we have a kit which includes two tea lights, a decorative matchbox with the words Shabbat Kodesh and the blessing in Hebrew, to be said over the Shabbat candles. These are one of the most basic Shabbat articles, as the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning a Shabbat table are of course the two (or more) candles lit by the Jewish woman on Friday eve. The light from them is beautiful and spiritual, casting a special glow over the whole Shabbat.

Peace and serenity

The peace and serenity of Shabbos is ushered in by lighting the candles. They cast a sweet glow over the home and expand the soul as the spiritual light enters all corners. The standard ones come in various sizes to fit different candlesticks. Small tea lights are convenient for travelling and are also used in some of the designer candlesticks. A practical and beautiful accessory is the matchbox holder of metal, sometimes with an addition of decorative wood, which can house matches for lighting and can be left on the table subsequently as it only adds to the ambiance and unique charm of the Shabbat table.

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