Decorative Safed Candles

The ancient, mystical city of Safed is an inspiration for artists and craftsmen, including the Safed Candles workshop. Here is the home of the famed Safed Candles, created in an array of colors and styles, including Shabbat, Havdalah, Pillar candles and much more.

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Showing 1-32 out of 65 items

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Candle light, an awesome reminder of the Divine presence, create atmosphere, enhance the mood and give the heart meaningful uplift.

Safed, an ancient town in the Upper Galilee, was once the hub of Jewish mysticism. Until today, the town is steeped in the influence of its Kabbalah spirit.

So, Safed (also known as Tzefat) was the most natural place in the world to set up Safed Candles, a candle factory producing beautiful decorative candles, designed by artists – candles to inspire, warm the heart and bring to your home light from the Holy Land. Safed Candles, hand dipped by experienced craftsman, are made in the ancient traditional candle-making method for which the ancient historic city of Safed is the perfect backdrop.

AJudaica brings to you a magnificent collection of handmade Safed candles. Each one is a work of art - a stunning array of colors and hues that are sure to add a bright touch to your candle lighting ritual or to your festive table. There are distinctive solid colors, gorgeous color combinations or exquisite gradients of color. Whether vertical or horizontal designs, the magnificent multicolored shades of color will complement your table decor and are sure to be admired. Unique to Safed candles is the gorgeous sculpted wax drops that are a finishing touch on many of the candles.

All the candles burn with a bright clear flame for at least three hours. They come elegantly packed in gift boxes of twelve candles. Tapers are attractively boxed as a pair.

The crowning glory in aJudaica’s collection of Safed candles are the gorgeous shapes and images for Havdalah candles, making the traditional Havdalah ritual an exciting and colorful experience. There are pillars or pyramids or globes in majestic color combinations. Bring a smile to your family with the enticing red or green apple Havdalah candle. Want a touch of fun? Try the Etrog or pomegranate shaped Havdalah candles. Naturally, they all have the required number of wicks for a Havdalah candle.

A box of Safed candles are a must in every home. They make beautiful gifts – perfect for any occasion and for every taste. Even when not in use, they are gorgeously decorative. Their soft flickering flames cast a soft illuminated glow that is bringing an enhanced timeless feel to Shabbat and Holidays and a glow of beauty to homes all over the world.

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