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Jews have always gone to great lengths for "hidur mitzvah", beautifying the ritual items used for a mitzvah. It is an expression of respect and devotion together with an acknowledgement of the important role the mitzvah plays in our life.

The Kiddush cup is no exception. There is hardly a Shabbat or Holiday meal or Jewish celebration that does not include filling the cup with wine and reciting over it the appropriate blessing and prayer. Every Jewish home needs to have at least one Kiddush cup and many have lots more often on display together with other Judaica items.

So, to meet the need, we have at aJudaica a huge selection of Kiddush cups. You will find all sizes, cups made from every possible material, traditional and contemporary designs, both minimal and elaborate. There are luxurious cups at exclusive prices and cups that are affordable and almost just as beautiful!

We have begun offering pewter Kiddush cups and we are excited about their old-time beauty and gentle look. We know that it is not yet as popular as the silver plated or anodized aluminum Kiddush cups but it is definitely a metal of character with an individual charm of its own. It is also hardwearing and easy to keep care of.

Pewter is available today in various colors but for our pewter Kiddush Cups, we continue tradition and offer only those in a silver color. Our selection includes cups that stand elegantly on a stem with their designs diamond or other geometrical shapes making a beautiful contrast with the matt pewter finish. Of course, we also have the beloved Jerusalem design which never fails in its popular appeal.

Each cup comes with a matching saucer. They have elegant designs, adding to the beauty of the set and making it a beautiful gift suitable for any occasion.

We also offer a decorative pewter Kiddush Wine Fountain with eight small cups standing on a tray. This is the perfect gift for families with many children or guests. Everyone present loves to watch how after the Kiddush recitation, the wine is poured into the bowl and it trickles into the small cups.

It is written that the Kiddush cup is the medium through which the blessing of the Shabbat comes to the home, reaching all those assembled around your table. Whichever pewter cup you choose, we wish you all those blessings and more!

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