Tefillin Ink Pen for Batim

By Tefillin Ink
Tefillin Ink Pen for Batim

Tefillin Ink Pen for Batim

By Tefillin Ink

Product Description

This Tefillin Marking Pen can be used to touch-up the Batim of the Tefillin due to the lack of liquid flow, ensuring that the ink will not penetrate cracks or holes in the Batim (which could potentially damage the Parshiot inside).

How to Use:
Twist the bottom of the pen to the right until ink appears on the sponge.
Make sure not to twist to the left.

The pen is easy to use due to the paint-pen style and is certified Kosher by Badatz Zichron Meir of Bnei Brak.


Certified Kosher by Badatz Zichron Meir, Bnei Brak


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