Mezuzah by Laura Cowan

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Laura Cowan is one of Israel’s promising Judaica artists. Her contemporary style art speaks to the modern Jew who wishes to continue ties with tradition but in a contemporary art form that relates to his life style and home d&233;cor.

Enter Laura Cowan. British born and trained, she has brought her talents to Israel where she lives with her husband and children. From her studio and workshop in Tel Aviv, she has produced the most amazing Judaica. Decrying classic dismal style, she works on producing challenging original styles in shimmering stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

Here are samples from her Mezuzah case collection. Each one has its own background story. For most of them, the theme is outer space. Although the race to the moon took place before she was born, it still inspired her to read how men were sent out to space and landed on the moon. If you share her thrill and excitement with man’s accomplishments, you will love her Apollo, Saturn or shuttle Mezuzah case.

Moving away from the space age, Laura pleases us with her black and white floral print Mezuzah case or her blue sea design case. She enchants us with her glass Mezuzah case, displaying a printed copy of the Mezuzah text. (Naturally, inside is an authentic Kosher Mezuzah scroll).

You will find Laura Cowan’s Mezuzah cases all over the world, adorning Jewish homes in addition to museums and art galleries. They have even been blasted into space. Jewish astronaut Greg Chamitoff excited Laura when he requested that one of her Mezuzahs should accompany his trip to outer space – a temporary home for the time he was circling the earth and then it can become part of his permanent home.

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