Dana Tovia Jewelry

Israeli Artist - Dana Tovia

Dana Tovia, the artist behind the name, is modest and unassuming. She lives in a village in the Jerusalem Hills, close to the world of nature that is an on-going source of inspiration and encouragement. “Every item I produce is an expression of myself,” she told us. “My jewelry demands respect for its innate quality and for the devotion that I lavish on every piece.” Dana is passionate about her use of silver to create jewelry explaining, “I hold a dialogue with it, almost persuading it to work for me as I burn, solder, hammer, saw, form and finally polish. The result is always exquisite – an expression of myself and my effort.”


You can be sure that when you buy a Dana Tovia jewelry item, there is a story behind it – whether it is an enduring symbol from the Jewish past, a reminder of the rural rolling mountain hills of Dana’s landscape or a gentle reproduction of its delightful animal life. Take a step back and you will feel the heart and energy flowing through her Stars of David, her love doves, gazelles or her magnificent expression of early morning dew. Elegant pearls and colored stones add a finishing touch to jewelry that will be cherished and passed on as a family heirloom.

AJudaica invites discerning customers who appreciate individual hand-crafted jewelry to wear, enjoy and appreciate Dana Tovia’s jewelry creations.

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