Silk Tallit by Galilee Silk

What is a Tallit?

The Tallit is a large rectangular shawl worn for daily morning prayers and on other special occasions. Customarily, one begins after marriage although in many communities, boys start to wear a tallit at their bar mitzvah.

Source for Tallit?

The source for wearing a Tallit is Biblical Numbers 15:38-39. Moses was instructed to teach the Jewish nation the laws of the Tzitzit, a constant reminder of their duties and obligations as Jews.

What are Tzitzit?

On each of the four corners of the tallit are ritual threads, known as tzitzit. There are specific laws governing their preparation and they must be tied and knotted on to the tallit in a special manner by a G-d fearing Jew.

Tallit material?

Traditional tallitot (plural of tallit) are made of wool which is the preferable choice. However, there is a huge choice in other fabrics. This does not invalidate the tallit and amongst contemporary style Jews they are very popular. You will find in aJudaica a huge selection of these tallitot.

Tallit Decorations?

The traditional tallit is decorated with horizontal black, blue or white lines. However, for modern youth who are looking for something more fitting to their life style, we offer a vast choice of colorful tallitot with impressive printed or hand-painted designs.

Galilee Silks

If you are looking for an exclusive tallit that is a mark of class and prestige, we recommend Galilee Silks. Located in the north of Israel, this small company has perfected the techniques of silk dyeing and hand painting, making every Tallit a work of art. Each tallit comes with matching bag and kipah and with the tzitzit attached, ready for use.

Your Choice

Whichever Tallit you choose at aJudaica, we are hopeful that it will give the appropriate frame of mind and reverence for the prayer experience.

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