Jewish Wall Blessings by Yealat Chen

Exprss your good wishes to your loved one with any one of Yealat Chen's Wall Blessings! Made in Israel from the sturdy Mazac metal, these charming items are original and beautifully executed, with an array of designs, from lifelike pomegranates, to beaded Hamsas and more.

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Showing 1-12 out of 12 items

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Judaica Wall Decor by Yealat Chen

Wall decorations brighten up your home, adding beauty and atmosphere, revealing your identity and what is important for you.

Yealat Chen, one of Israel’s most prolific Judaica artists, offers an amazing selection of Jewish decorations to bring charm and Jewish atmosphere to your home. Her prodigious includes a rich variety of designs and materials, in original themes and elegant styles. Most of her products are made from Mazak, a strong durable metal. A number are covered with gold or silver plating. They display prayers, blessings and many of Judaism’s traditional well-known symbols.

Yealat Chen shares with us her passion for the ever-popular Hamsa, the five-finger symbol that is reputed to protect the home from the effect of the Evil Eye. It displays outstretched fingers and on the palm, Yealat Chen inscribes her words of blessing. There are Home Blessings in Hebrew or English or if you wish to be more specific, go for the blessings for good health and old age. Many of her Hamsas are decorated with colorful stones, adding a distinctive touch of glamor. Birds and doves are also popular themes, bringing their message of tranquility and peaceful co-existence.

The pomegranate, king of fruits in the Land of Israel, figures prominently in Yealat Chen’s designs. This beloved symbol of bounty, wisdom and good fortune is featured in a gold or silver delicate filigree design.

Jerusalem is always a popular theme and Yealat Chen has incorporated the artist’s vision of the city, including its Windmill, in a number of her decorations


Our display of Yealat Chen’s wall decorations also includes delightful clocks, key holders and a number of table and desk decorations. In addition to the standard texts, you will find the book of Psalms and the word Shalom. For a smile, enjoy her dangling foot good luck decoration.

Her affordable prices, compact size and popular themes make Yaelet Chen’s products the perfect gift for weddings, house-warmings or Festivals. Browse through our collection and you will surely find there the perfect gift – whether for yourself or a dear one.

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