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What is a Mezuzah Scroll?

The Mezuzah scroll is a holy parchment on which an experienced religious scribe has written, in accordance with stringent guidelines, the three paragraphs of the Shema Yisrael prayer. After inserting the rolled parchment into a Mezuzah case, it is attached to the doorposts of Jewish homes.

What is a Mezuzah Case?

In keeping with tradition, Jews have always made sure that any item used for a Mitzvah, such as a Mezuzah case, is attractive and worthy of holy use. You will find on our website hundreds of impressive Mezuzah cases in a huge choice of styles produced by a wide selection of Israeli Judaica artists.

Meet Caesaria Arts

If you are looking for a contemporary style Mezuzah case made in Israel, you will be definitely be impressed with the Caesarea Arts selection. This husband and wife team run a studio and workshop close to the seashore at Caesarea, an ancient port town, famous for its archeological digs. Their selection of Mezuzah cases caters for a wide range of tastes.

Caesaria Art's Mezuzah Cases

If you are looking for something prestigious - a piece of stone from the Holy Land -choose one of their Jerusalem stone Mezuzah cases. The intricate designs will definitely impress.

Youthful homeowners will love the cheerful rainbow colored collection. Bright and cheerful, they express a love of life.

If you want a sleek sophisticated Mezuzah case, you will enjoy the choice of aluminum crystal Mezuzah cases. Utilizing the best of modern technology, the Shema prayer is movingly engraved on black crystal.

In conclusion

Caesarea Arts will surely win your heart with their original designs and the quality of their products. Any of them will make a beautiful gift – an expression of friendship that tells someone you care about them and wish to bring blessing and beauty to their home.

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