Prayer Shawl Clips

What is a Prayer Shawl Clip?

A Prayer Shawl Clip (also known as a Tallit Clip) is an ornamental clip attached to both sides of the Tallit as it is comfortably draped around the body. The clip will ensure that the Tallit does not slip from the shoulders, enabling you to focus properly on the Prayer Service and Torah Reading without disturbance.

More Tallit Info

Usually men begin to wear a tallit after they are married although in some communities, it is worn from the age of bar mitzvah. The tallit, also known as Prayer Shawl, is worn for morning prayers every day.

The Choice at AJudaica

AJudaica offers a choice of reasonably priced attractive and good quality Tallit Clips. Made from brass chrome, they are a pleasing silver color. For those who like a touch of color, some designs display an inspiring blue background.

The designs feature popular Jewish themes. Many depict the Star of David, always a popular reminder of the State of Israel. Equally beloved is the Two Tablets motif, featuring the Ten Commandments. Some depict the two lions of Judah crouching on either side. A Jew never forgets Jerusalem expressed in the pretty Tallit Clips depicting images of the Old City. For that extra special occasion, there are clips modelling the Breast Plate of the High Priest with the twelve sparkling colored stones one for each of the Tribes.

The Tallit Clip Gift

A Tallit Clip makes a delightful Bar Mitzvah gift. If you are treating yourself to a new Tallit, we recommend a tallit clip for that finishing touch. Present it as a gift to someone special. It says, "I am thinking of you and want you to look your best in the Synagogue!" An extra Tallit Clip? Keep it for the Holidays or other special occasions when you want to take a step out of routine.

Whenever or wherever, with an aJudaica Tallit Clip, you will wear your Tallit with honor and dignity, reciting your prayers with full concentration.

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