Mezuzahs for Kids

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Children's Mezuzah Cases


The Mezuzah is a scroll of parchment on which the Shema prayer has been ritually written by a G-d fearing scribe. It is attached to every doorpost in the Jewish home – a symbol of faith and Divine protection. An attractive Mezuzah case, to hold the scroll, is a beautiful way to enhance the mitzvah and give a Jewish atmosphere to your home.


AJudaica has devoted a special section for Mezuzah cases suitable for children’s bedrooms, dens or study rooms. They have a youthful style and are filled with bright cheerful colors. The playful designs are appealing and will help children to give attention to the Mezuzah each time they enter or leave their room.


Yealat Chen offers a couple of fun Mezuzah cases that the kids will love – cheerful trees with images of children playing peek a boo. Adina Plastelina’s dynamic Mezuzah cases are perfect for a room where children work or play. You will also find in our selection wood Mezuzah cases with colorful junior themes – letters of the Hebrew alphabet, balloons, cars and others. Iris Design’s Mezuzah cases, with their lively colors and striking designs, are a popular choice for with-it kids. If you are looking for a prestigious baby gift, consider the children’s Mezuzah cases of Dorit Judaica. Her boys’ room Mezuzah case features a lively train design and the girl’s Mezuzah case displays a delightful heart and floral design in feminine pink. Each one comes with a matching Wall Hanging, making it an impressive set and a gift that will be cherished and enjoyed.


A child’s Mezuzah case makes a wonderful birthday, bar mitzvah or any occasion gift. It will decorate their room and strengthen ties to their Jewish heritage. Don’t forget to insert only a validated 100% kosher scroll. You will find a full selection of such parchments on our web site.

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