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The Star of David is reputed to have kabbalistic meanings. It is said that when King David went to battle, his shield was this shape with a Menorah design.

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The Star of David, one of the most popular and well-known symbols of the Jewish people, dates back to the Middle Ages when it was used to decorate Synagogues and later, to identify Jews and separate them from the general population. In 1948, it was adopted as the central theme of the flag of the recently established State of Israel – an expression of collective loyalty to the State of Israel. Today, the Star of David is proudly worn and used as a theme on jewelry, tableware, clothing and wall decorations - a proud representation of Jewish faith and identity.

The Star of David is named after the mythical shield of King David that was reputed to be decorated with a star. In our prayers, we refer to G-d as the “Shield of David” meaning that He protects us at all time. It is a reminder that the great warrior King David won his battles through his total trust in G-d not by the merit of his personal strength.

The shape and design of the star have great mystical significance. The six points of the overlapping triangles are said to refer to the six directions of the universe. The center area represents the spirit of G-d that fills the world with life.

At aJudaica, you will find a huge choice of Star of David decorative elements – in jewelry, tableware, wall plaques and gifts. Here is a selection of Stars of David wall decorations with emphasis on Home Blessings. The blessing – in Hebrew or English – is written in the center of the interlocking triangles that represent the Star of David. Others display the traditional High Priest’s Breastplate in the center – another popular Jewish symbol. Friekmanndar have used their expertise with glass to create magnificent stained glass Star of David wall blessings. These will bring beauty and blessing to the home.

Give a Jewish flavor to your home and decorate it with a Star of David. AJudaica offers you a tremendous choice of materials, designs and colors. So, enjoy scrolling through the selection.

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