Yair Emanuel Handmade Tallit

A Yair Emanel Tallit creates a seamless blend of the traditional and modern, ancient and new. Utilizing biblical and traditional themes, these Tallitot explode with vibrant colors and beautiful workmanship.

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Showing 1-32 out of 79 items

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Handmade Tallit by Yair Emanuel

The handmade Tallitot of Judaica artist Yair Emanuel are world-famous for their exquisite embroidery, vivid colors, original designs and striking Jewish themes. His enormous popularity has made this a first choice for many aJudaica customers. Scroll through our huge selection and enjoy the variety of fabrics, colors and designs. Each one is a visual delight that will honor and give dignity to your prayers.

Most of the tallitot come in a choice of sizes that give you an option of wearing either as a shawl style or in a larger size, wrapping the body. In all of them, the neckband and corners are also embroidered and the design is repeated in the matching bag and kippah.

All tallitot come with tzizit attached. There is an option if you wish to order Techelet-blue threads.

In the creative hands of Yair Emanuel, the world of Tallitot becomes alive and dynamic. You will find in his collection wool, silk, organza and woven cotton combined with silk. A master of color, Yair invites you to enjoy the deep blues, dazzling greens and bold maroons that are his hallmark. Many of his tallitot incorporate stripes as part of the color theme giving a distinctive individual style. For those who prefer more subdued color themes, he has a selection of dignified white tallitot enhanced with a touch of color.

The striking feature of Emanuel’s tallitot are the exciting motifs that are repeated in the various fabrics. On a solid background color, you will find scenic views of Jerusalem and representations of the Twelve Tribes. Delicate embroidery displays designs that incorporate crowns, doves, sheaves of wheat or colorful rainbows. The ever-popular pomegranate theme is found in a variety of styles and colors. He also has modern renditions of Biblical characters such as the Matriarchs, Miriam and the tambourine or Miriam and the Prophetess Deborah.

Whatever your taste or style you can be sure that you will find a Tallit to suit you in the Yair Emanuel Collection. If you need guidance, advice or more information call us any time. Our experienced staff will be delighted to assist you.

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