Jewish Aprons by Barbara Shaw

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Aprons may not yet be part of your clothing wardrobe but after seeing our collection from Barbara Shaw, you will surely smile and want to treat yourself or present an apron gift to someone who is sure to smile also!

These stylish designs from Barbara Shaw express her sense of humor, attachment to Jewish tradition and love for Israel and its culture. We bring them to you because we are sure that whichever apron you choose, it will bring a smile. So, take your pick from our many eye-catching designs. Each one is hand screen-printed and finished in the Barbara Shaw studio in Jerusalem. Made from 100% sturdy cotton drill, they are machine washable and do not need ironing. A spacious size, they slip easily over the head and tie at the waist.

Since the Jewish mother in the kitchen is a beloved symbol of strength and love for her brood, it is only natural for our aprons to compliment impressive accomplishments in the kitchen. Many of her recipes become family legacies, passed from generation to generation. So, the aprons printed with “Ahavah” (love in Hebrew”) or (in Hebrew), “Mother’s pampering kitchen” are perfect tributes. With a sense of humor, there are also aprons commenting on the unique qualities of the Polish or Moroccan mother. Others praise food expertise listing meat cuts, bringing a latke recipe or even extending an invitation to shakshuka – a national food in Israel.

Don’t forget the Dads. They too have a share in the Jewish kitchen. So, when they get to work, there is an apron for them too.

For Pesach, you can enhance the celebratory atmosphere with a special Passover apron. We bring you a choice of stunning designs, perfect for all ages - a hieroglyphic style with Pesach pictures, words from mah nishtanah or a matzah design.

Year round, there is a gorgeous red pomegranate apron and an apron with a nostalgic reminder of Jaffa oranges. To keep alive the memory of your trip to Jerusalem or maybe to tempt you to get there soon, we offer a gorgeous apron listing tourist sites in the holy city.

So, whether you are preparing sumptuous Shabbat meals, entertaining guests or enjoying family celebrations with a lavish menu, you can go to the kitchen and begin working, protected and entertained with one of our Jewish aprons. So, wear and enjoy|!

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