Havdalah Sets by Michal Ben Yosef


Dusk is falling the Shabbat day is departing, a new week is about to begin. The moving Havdalah ceremony marks the transition from the end of Shabbat to welcoming the new week. Holding a cup of wine, we recite the Havdalah blessings, move our fingers under the glow of a double wick candle and smell sweet spices.

AJudaica wants to make this moment a special experience for you and your family so that you can pause for a moment before rushing into a busy week. To help you focus on the Havdalah ritual, treat yourself to a stoneware Havdalah set from ceramic artist Michal Ben Yosef. It is sure to make your Havdalah ceremony meaningful and uplifting.

Michal Ben Yosef has been dedicated to ceramics for over twenty years. Today, she is at the forefront of Israel ceramicists, producing Judaica items of stunning beauty. Each one is painstakingly made by hand - from the moment of her inspiring vision until its final kiln-firing. Passionate about the land and people of Israel with their holy traditions, she brings all this together in Judaica items that are a blend of ancient tradition and contemporary art style.

Each of her Havdalah sets comprises four pieces: a Kiddush cup to hold the wine, a candlestick suitable for the broad Havdalah candle, an elegantly shaped spice holder and a tray decorated with Hebrew text, presented in a lively colorful format. There is a choice of colors all inspired from the countryside setting where Michal lives and works.

For an extraordinary gift of superior beauty, we recommend the Havdalah set decorated with 24K gold. This gives a luxurious look that will admired again and again every week. It also makes a fabulous home decoration when not in use.

A Michal Ben Yosef stoneware Havdalah set is always an impressive engagement or wedding gift a beautiful gesture to help a couple set up their new home in the traditional Jewish spirit. Her Havdalah sets like all Michal's items have been fully glazed and can be washed in hot water.

Enjoy examining the various Michal Ben Yosef Havdalah sets. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that it will honor the departing Shabbat as if it were a guest. It will affirm your love of the Shabbat day together with expressing a prayer that the Shabbat blessings accompany you during the coming week.

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