Kiddush Cups by Michal Ben Yosef


Do you enjoy artistic items with a natural beauty, appreciating hand-made Judaica items that comes from the world of nature? If so, then it is time for you to meet Michal Ben Yosef Israel's leading ceramic artist. She lives and works in a countryside settlement. The glorious pastoral view from her studio window is a constant source of inspiration as she creates stoneware that expresses her passionate love for the Land of Israel, its people and their holy traditions.

Her Kiddush cups are extraordinarily beautiful. Scroll through the category and view them one by one. Like us, you will be enchanted with the unique blend of colors. Whether it is a dreamy blue, magic ivory, pastoral green or translucent shades, all capture the beauty of the land and the tranquility that Shabbat represents.

Each cup is individually created. Michal rolls the damp clay on her wheel, deftly shaping and stroking the material as it rolls, allowing her creative spirit to flow. Then it is twice kiln-baked at extremely high temperatures. A strong glaze is added, ensuring durability and non-fading colors. Many of her cups are gloriously decorated with 24K gold necessitating a third high heat baking.

The beauty of each design is that most are available in a choice of colors. So you are free to choose the shade that will blend in with your tableware. Each one comes with a wide matching plate, making this a complete set for a gift.

There are designs featuring a gentle stem giving the cup height and dignity. Or, there is a beaker shape with a wide attractive rim. If you prefer, notice the charming ewer shaped cup. Some cups are a solid color. Others are two tone. Words from the Kiddush recitation in 24K gold, add a spectacular beauty. For pomegranate lovers, there is a series decorated with that symbolic fruit. Another youthful looking set depicts the grape vine and the words in Hebrew "boreh pri ha'gefen" from the wine blessing. All the Kiddush cups are strong and durable and can be washed in hot water. During the week, they make display items that will be noticed and admired.

Shabbat is a day of tranquility when we reconnect to ourselves. It is a day when it would be especially meaningful to begin the Shabbat meal by reciting Kiddush on a stoneware Kiddush Cup from Michal Ben Yosef, created entirely by hand, here in the Land of Israel!

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