Megilat Ester Hamelech Ashkenaz - Ktav Ari

Megilat Ester Hamelech Ashkenaz - Ktav Ari

Megilat Ester Hamelech Ashkenaz - Ktav Ari

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Product Description

If you have secretly wished in your heart to own your very own Megillat Esther, perhaps now is the time to make a reality of this dream. Although it is permissible to follow the Megillah reading from a printed text, it is considered more praiseworthy to use a scroll that has been written by a G-d fearing scribe in accordance with all the halachic specifications. Some have the custom to present a handwritten Megillat Esther to a new son-in-law. Many women have purchased a Megillah as a surprise gift for their husbands. Whatever the reason, a Megillah is a once-in-a lifetime gift that will always be cherished.

The beautiful scroll pictured here is written in the style of the Arizal and is favored by Chassidic Jews of Eastern European origin. The is similar to that of the Beit Yossef. The difference is in the shape of some of the letters - changes based on kabbalah.

The aJudaica Megillot are all written on quality uncoated shelil parchment and have been computer checked with full certification for accuracy and authenticity. Although the usual choice of size is 30 cms/12, we also offer a size of 40 cms/16. For the discerning eye, we offer a choice of three levels of . Each of them is excellent. Ajudaica only accepts megillot from experienced scribes.

Please note the price is for the scroll only and does not cover the cost of the storage or display box.

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