Megilat Ester Hamelech Ashkenaz - Beit Yosef

Megilat Ester Hamelech Ashkenaz - Beit Yosef

$1,430.00 - $2,717.00

Product Description

Purim is in the air; the children are trying on their costumes, your wife is preparing those delicious mishloach manot. Maybe, now is the time to treat yourself to a real handwritten Megillat Esther. Perhaps there is someone to whom you owe a huge favor? Do you want to honor your Rabbi or teacher? Whatever the reason, this will be a never-to-be-forgotten gift.

All Ajudaica megillot are scrupulously handwritten by G-d fearing experienced scribes who are familiar with every detail of the relevant laws. We offer a choice of sizes and levels of writing, ranging from top to outstanding quality. The parchment used is the customary uncoated shelil. All our megillot have been carefully computer checked and come with the appropriate certificate.

This Megillah is written according to the Beit Yossef specifications - the favored by Jews of Ashkenazi non-Chassidic descent, usually originating from Germany or Western Europe. We cannot reproduce here the beauty and fine quality of the scribe’s work.

Note: the cost is for the scroll alone and does not include the storage box.

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