Large Purim Groggers

Large Purim Groggers

Large Purim Groggers

$1.49 - $10.00

Product Description

Here are larger size plastic cheerful colorful groggers available in a variety of colors made in Israel. Their size is 6 / 15 cms and they will effectively do the job of making noise in the Synagogue when the name of Haman is mentioned. Children relish the experience and maybe you will want to take advantage of our special offer if you purchase ten groggers.

After the noise of the banging dies down, the Reader will continue. He may repeat the name of Haman. This is not an invitation to start banging all over again! It is simply a precaution in case someone missed hearing it the first time because of the outburst of noise.

10 groggers are available in mixed colors only.

Height: 6" / 15cm


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