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Jewish jewelry, especially necklaces, is fun to buy and meaningful to wear. With today’s contemporary styles, they are stylish and also express faith and belief.

Scroll through aJudaica’s collection of Moreno Jerusalem Stone necklaces. Guy Moreno lives and works in Israel. Fascinated by the innate beauty of the stones of Jerusalem and the powerful message they carry, he has translated this into beautiful necklaces that women all over the world wear and feel connected to their ancestral heritage and to the holy city of Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Stone necklaces are all pendant style. They come with a sterling silver or black leather chain and are presented in a pretty gift box that includes a certificate testifying to the stone’s authenticity. Scroll through. You will surely find the stone with the engraving that speaks to your heart - whether it is words of prayer, Bible quotes, traditional symbols or Kabbalah motifs.

If you are Kabbalah inclined, you will love the Jerusalem Stone necklaces that display the Tree of Life, Names of G-d or specific letter combinations that are reputed to bring protection and blessing. There are Chai, Anna Bekoach pendants and lots of Hamsas. Any of these will make a cherished gift for yourself or someone dear to you.

Take pride in your Jewish identity. Choose one of the Jerusalem Stone necklaces that display the interlocking triangles of the Star of David, the beautiful Jewish symbol that is today an integral feature of the flag of the State of Israel.

If you like to carry close to your heart words of prayer or blessing, you will find pendants engraved with the Priestly Blessing or the Travelers Prayer or words from the sacred Shema prayer. For the First Lady in your life, why not present her with an Eishet Chayil or an “I am for my beloved” pendant. There are a number of pendants featuring engraved pictures of Jerusalem including the iconic windmill.

A Jew never forgets the city of Jerusalem. Wearing one of these necklaces is an impressive combination of beauty and faith. It will bring a touch of spirituality to your day, strengthening ties with Jewish tradition and heritage.

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