Mezuzah Pendants

A great way to express faith in God's protection! Choose from our beautiful and diverse collection for yourself or as a significant and meaningful gift.

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Showing 1-19 out of 19 items

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What’s in a Mezuzah?

The beloved Mitzvah of the Mezuzah refers to the scroll attached to the doorpost of the Jewish home - a scroll on which the Shema has been written in accordance with scrupulous laws regarding the parchment, quill, ink and letter formation. Throughout the ages, it was the Mezuzah that identified the Jews. Indeed, dents in the outside doorposts of medieval homes are indisputable proof that Jews once lived there. The mezuzah is a badge of identity, a reminder that we and our homes are totally dependent on Divine protection.

Want to wear Mezuzah jewelry?

Jews are so devoted to the Mezuzah and its symbolic protection that in recent years, there is a surge of interest in reproducing the Mezuzah scroll and case as a jewelry item. Mostly, these are pendants - popular for men and women, children and adults and all lifestyles.

The aJudaica selection

Ajudaica brings you a fantastic selection of Israeli Mezuzah pendants. They will inject a note of spirituality into your day, in addition to adding a trendy style to your day or evening outfits. Some of our Mezuzah pendants come with a chain. Others offer this as a separate item. They are made from rhodium, gold fill, silver plate and enamel. Scroll along until you find one that will excite you to buy for yourself or a loved one.

The range of choice

Looking for something inexpensive but attractive? Consider the rhodium Mezuzah styles – perfect for bat mitzvah or birthday gifts. For more elegant Mezuzah necklaces, move on to our selection of gold-filled Mezuzah pendants in cheerful red, blue and gold colors.

Jewish symbols

Many of our Mezuzah pendants are decorated with a large or small Stars of David – the popular six pointed star that is an integral feature of the flag of the State of Israel. Some display the Hebrew letters “chet” and “yud” spelling CHAI – the Hebrew word representing Jewish veneration for life. Others display the sacred name of G-d, a reminder to lead a G-dly life. Looking for the Ten Commandments? We have a Mezuzah pendant displaying that too. The Hamsa is also a popular Mezuzah necklace decoration. Consider our gold-filled filigree design or the sterling silver Mezuzah case shape with a Hamsa shaped opal stone in the center – there to bring you protection and good fortune.

Want a Kabalah Mezuzah Pendant?

Bring the spirit of Kabalah – Jewish mysticism – to your Mezuzah jewelry with Golan’s hand crafted pendants. An established Kabbalah scholar, he expresses his intricate knowledge of Kabbalah in the design and production of his jewelry. He personally writes the Kabbalistic inscriptions, focusing on the words’ inner meanings. An exciting innovation – his Mezuzah pendants have a screw-off top so you can personalize your pendant by inserting your own talisman or keepsake.

All you have to do is choose!

Whatever you choose, a Mezuzah pendant will be a delightful addition to your jewelry collection and a fabulous gift for a friend, child or a dear one you wish to please.

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