Silver Plated Jerusalem Wash Cup

By Hoshen Judaica
Silver Plated Jerusalem Wash Cup

Silver Plated Jerusalem Wash Cup

By Hoshen Judaica

Product Description

.This pretty Netilat Yadayim wash cup is made of durable silver-plate and covered with a special lacquer to give lasting use. Its square base gives it a distinctive look. An Old City Jerusalem design is engraved at the bottom of the cup.
Sometimes, an entire group washes their hands and many cups are needed. In the Synagogue, before the Birchat Kohanim blessing, the Kohanim must wash their hands. In recognition of their status, it is the Levites in the Congregation who pour the water over their hands. In Israel, Birchat Kohanim is recited every Shabbat. Outside Israel, it is only recited on the Chagim.


silver plate
Height: 5.5"/13.7 cm

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