Silver Plated Filigree Wash Cup

By Hoshen Judaica
Silver Plated Filigree Wash Cup

Silver Plated Filigree Wash Cup

By Hoshen Judaica
Height: 5.5"/13.7 cm

Product Description

This elegantly shaped Netilat Yadayim wash cup will enhance your Shabbat table. It is covered with a special lacquer to prevent tarnish and give lasting use. Why not put it away for the Seder night on Passover? As part of the majestic spirit of freedom that permeates the evening, many have the custom that the man leading the Seder remains seated and the water for washing is brought to him at the table. A Netilat Yadayim wash cup specifically for this purpose will become a precious family tradition.
Still at the Seder table - remember that before eating the karpas vegetable, all present wash their hands using a Netilat Yadayim wash cup just as they do before eating bread. The difference is that no blessing is recited. Since it is easy to forget and recite the blessing automatically, children enjoy their task to remind everyone to wash without a blessing.


SKU: PL-X873
Size: Height: 5.5"/13.7 cm
Type: Wash Cup
Materials: Silver plated metal

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