Olive Branch Earrings - Turquoise color

Olive Branch Earrings - Turquoise color

Olive Branch Earrings - Turquoise color

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Available in silver or 24k gold plated silver design.

Designed by Adina Plastelina, these gorgeous olive branch earrings are made from sterling silver and polymer clay. Inspired by the symbols of the holy land, the studio has created this remarkable olive branch design. The earrings are made using a special technique called Millefiori process. Millefiori technique meaning creating a picture by 3D sculpting which gives the product its unique and radiant appearance. The earrings feature a prominent Jewish motif: an olive branch, one of the the seven species the land of Israel was blessed and a symbol of peace. As told in the book of Genesis, it was an olive branch which the dove brought back to Noah when the Flood was over.

Item #: AP-EOL7S
Earrings: 925 Sterling Silver, polymer clay
Earrings hooks: 925 Sterling Silver

Item #: AP-EOL7G
Earrings: 24K gold plated sterling silver, polymer clay
Earrings hooks: 14K gold filled

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Artist: Adina Plastelina

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