House Blessing Framed Picture

By Hoshen Judaica
House Blessing Framed Picture

House Blessing Framed Picture

By Hoshen Judaica
26cm / 10"

Product Description

This magnificent Home Blessing with its silver plated and wood frame is a work of art that will be greeted with gasps of admiration by your friends and guests. The plaque will look stunning on a wall at the entrance to your home. It will look equally impressive standing upright on a flat surface.

A free translation of the prayer:
May this place be home for peace and tranquility. Within, it should be a resting place for harmony, friendship, joy and success. Its walls should reverberate to the sound of Torah and the Divine Presence should permeate every corner.


Size: 26cm / 10"
New Collection
Type: Home decoration
Materials: Silver plate, wood,

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